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  • Advanced Ceramic Heating Elements
  • Negative Ion Conditioning Technology
  • 100% Pure Far-Infrared heat technology
  • 3-Temperature heat setting control
  • 2 Different size concentrators
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Manageable power swivel cord
  • Revolutionary Design
  • 2-Speed setting control
  • Ionic Boost Cool Shot Button
  • 1875 Watts (Powerful Hair Dryer)


  • Offers less drying time while preventing frizz and restoring moisture
  • Eliminates static and frizz, leaving your tresses feeling silky, soft and smooth
  • Seals in natural moisture to add extra shine & luster
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Controls direction of air and prevents fly-a-way’s
  • Comfortable styling
  • Allows for easier maneuvering as you style
  • Easy to grasp, handle and control
  • Comfortable speed setting per hair type
  • Additional boost for longer, lasting results
  • Powerful yet nutritional


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1875 Watts, Pure Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

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What if you could dry your hair in less time, and without any of the damage of your regular dryer?

Well, now you can! The Ionic Boost Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer is powerful, pure ceramic and ionic. It uses real negative ion conditioning technology and far-infrared heat. Negative ions deactivate the positive ones found in damaged, staticky hair, while gentle, yet powerful infrared heat locks in moisture into the hair shaft as it dries. It’s a proven technology (over 1800 watts hair dryer) that will dry your hair faster while preventing frizz, essentially restoring strength and vibrancy. Not only is this dryer powerful yet nutritional, it’s also very lightweight and easy to grasp and control.

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[icon_list][icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Advanced Ceramic Heating Elements[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Negative Ion Conditioning Technology[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]100% Pure Far-Infrared heat technology[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]3-Temperature heat setting control[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]2 Different size concentrators[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Incredibly lightweight[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Manageable power swivel cord[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Revolutionary Design[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]2-Speed setting control[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Ionic Boost Cool Shot Button[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]1875 Watts (Powerful Hair Dryer)[/icon_list_item][/icon_list]Benefits:
[icon_list][icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Offers less drying time while preventing frizz and restoring moisture[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Eliminates static and frizz, leaving your tresses feeling silky, soft and smooth[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Seals in natural moisture to add extra shine & luster[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Perfect for all hair types[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Controls direction of air and prevents fly-a-way’s[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Comfortable styling[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Allows for easier maneuvering as you style[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Easy to grasp, handle and control[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Comfortable speed setting per hair type[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Additional boost for longer, lasting results[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”diamond” color=”#e21497″]Powerful yet nutritional[/icon_list_item]
[/icon_list]WARRANTY: 5-Year Manufacturing Warranty



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