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First, let’s decipher which tool is which. The Curling Wands are a clasp and is used to create polished ringlets (tight or loose). A curling wand has no clasp and is used to create natural waves.

curling iron vs. curling wand

What The Curling Wands Used For?
The curling wand creates polished ringlets – hair that spirals downward (think Shirley Temple). You can create everything from tight curls to voluminous waves to piece-y waves. While the tool does create ringlets, you can break them up using your fingers to look more like waves.

The curling wand creates natural waves. Think of a wavy line – it curves back and forth but stays flat. The tool is meant to create natural-looking waves (like beachy waves) to mimic a more natural hair texture.

different curls curling iron vs. curling wand3

HOW DO I USE the Curling Wands?
You hold a curling iron differently than a curling wand. The cord should be down with a curling iron, and with a curling wand, the cord should be up.


The waves the curling iron created are a bit more polished and bouncy, while the curling wand created more relaxed, natural waves. I like having both in my toolbox to use the iron when I want my hair to look more polished, like for an event or work. The wand is my favorite for weekends or casual hangouts.


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