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Vibrating Hair Brush

The iKonic Vibrating Hair Brush

Say Goodbye to Snarls, Tangles, and Breakage with iKonic’s Vibrating Hair brush Tired of spending hours detangling your hair? Hair fall got you stressed? Want salon-like head massage to stimulate

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Mini Hair Straightener

Styling Woes for Short Hair

Curling wands and straightening irons are definitely a blessing for all your styling needs. But, do you feel that most of these tools cannot deliver the best results for your

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3 Pretty Braids for Summer

Braids are back in a big way for women’s hair care. It used to be that braids were just for young girls, but now women of all ages are embracing braids.

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8 Pastel Hair Colors

What’s the hottest hair trend right now? If you said pastel hair colors, then you’d be right! Pastel hair colors can be really lovely if they’re done right. That being

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Just Do Your Hair

How many days a week do you wake up feeling like you don’t want to do your hair? If you’re like most women, you might have a lot of days

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Style Your Lob Three Ways

So you’ve just cut off all your hair. Lob haircuts can be freeing and fun, but if you’ve gone most of your life with very long hair, you may not

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Get the ferfect curls

5 Ways to Get Big Sexy Hair​

What woman doesn’t want big sexy hair? If you’re like most women, you probably want big sexy hair, too.A little bit of volume makes a huge difference in your hairstyle.

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creating the perfect curl

Creating the Perfect Curls

Curls are great for any occasion. They’re elegant enough for date night and professional enough for the workday. Many women love the way curls look in their hair, but they

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The Evolution of Hair Straighteners

The Evolution of Hair Straighteners​

It’s common for women to straighten their hair every day. Hair irons are used so much, but most people probably don’t know the evolution of the hair straightener. For example, do you know who invented the

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blow dry hair how to

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Don’t you love the way your hair looks when it is blow dried? If you’re like most women, then you definitely do. However, you might not be able to get that

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ponytail styles

10 Eye-Catching Ponytail Styles

Are you bored with wearing ponytails and using same old women’s hair care techniques? If so, don’t ditch this style just yet! There may be a solution to your boredom. Try glamming

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Stop Oily Hair in 5 Days

Oily hair is the pits. Women with thin hair have the hardest time finding hair care products that control the natural oils that can make hair greasy. Sometimes, oil can start to

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Foods that Repair Damaged Hair

These days, there are so many things that can damage your hair. Air pollution, hair styling tools, and chemical processing are just a few ways that your hair takes a

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iKONIC Sponsors Miss Santa Monica USA

The Miss Santa Monica USA pageant took place on April 13, 2014 at Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, California. Each year the Santa Monica organization chooses a local and national charity to

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