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  1. Marilyn
    February 19, 2016

    I had been looking aournd for a new age store in the United States that had good quality amulets for a decent price and I stumbled upon your site and I LOVE it!I want to thank you so much for my order and the loving care that it was sent with. I have never purchased something from a company that I felt they put their personal love and touch to it was really appreciated and made it very special. Keep up the good work you are bringing many blessings. I love my amulet and I wear it everyday and look forward to purchasing more of your fine beautiful jewelry. Oh and if I would make any suggestion at all I love the black satin cord for the medicine pouches I actually wear the pouch as a necklace since the bag is black yet for the amulets I would prefer a different color string or cord. Have you considered using a selection of ribbons in different colors along with purchase or to choose with purchase? I love my Archangel Chamuel amulet yet the black satin cord I felt clashed with it and my skin tone. I ended up buying a light pink cord instead. I would love to have that option here as well. Regardless I love the jewelry and the amazing personal customer service! Sending lots of light blessings angels and love.Love Angela

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