How To Blow Dry Your Hair

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Don’t you love the way your hair looks when it is blow dried? If you’re like most women, then you definitely do. However, you might not be able to get that salon fresh look when you do it yourself at home. That could be because you haven’t found the right method. If you want to save money on professional blowouts, find out how to blow dry your hair at home the right way.

Prepare Your Hair

Hair care products are always key for styling, and that includes blow drying. You want to apply an argan oil for hair that protects against heat damage to your post-shower wet hair. Your best bet is to find a serum that fights frizz and protects against heat damage. Be careful not to apply to much product though. Otherwise you could weigh your hair down.

Air Dry before Blow Dry

You should let your hair dry naturally until it’s about 75% dry. That way you can do the least amount of heat damage and still get that amazing salon style. Thin hair dries faster than thick hair, so be sure to set aside the appropriate amount of time to dry. If you’re in a rush, do your make up or get dressed while your hair dries a little bit. Also, check it often to make sure it hasn’t completely dried.

Choose Your Tools

Getting the best blowout has a lot to do with using the best hair styling tools. You want to opt for a blow dryer that uses ionic heating technology, like iKONIC’s HD 2500 hair dryer. Often, dryers like this come with attachments. You want to be sure you’re choosing a hair dryer that has the most updated features. Otherwise, you could be short changing yourself and your blowout.

Professional Techniques

Finally, you should be sure to learn some brush and hair dryer techniques. For example, if you want to give your hair some extra lift, you should start blow drying at the roots. You can also flip your hair upside down to blow dry in some volume. In addition, be sure not to hold high heat against any section of your hair for too long. That is the best way to cause heat damage.

It’s In Your Hands

Your best blowout ever is in your hands. It’s completely possible to get a salon fresh blowout at home. You just need to learn the tricks and techniques of the pros. Now that you know how to achieve a perfect blowout, you’ll probably thank yourself! Think of how good you’ll look, and all the money you’ll save.

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