3 Easy Ways to Get Beach Waves

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Many women love the way their looks after the beach. Unfortunately, hair can also get really dirty at the beach, so most women don’t let their hair remain beachy for too long. Thankfully, you can get beach waves without having to take a dip in the ocean or get all oily from sunscreen. Instead, you could use professional styling tools to create clean beach waves in minutes. It might be hard to believe that this style is so easy to achieve, especially because it looks so good.

Of course, there are some methods that take longer than others, but other only take a few minutes to achieve. All you need to do is make sure you have the right products, equipment, and know how. First, it’s important to get the right tools, so be sure you have a professional grade flat iron or curling wand, like the Supernova and the Clique Curling Iron Set from iKONIC. Don’t skimp on cheap tools. Otherwise this style might not last the whole night. Once you’ve got the tools, all you need is the knowhow. Find out how easy it is to get beach waves that last.

Style with a Twist

Most women own flat irons these days. If you’re one of them, you most likely only use it to get straight hair fast. However, flat irons can be used for much more than just straightening hair. They can be used to create really amazing beach waves. There are two ways to achieve this style: with and without twists. The easiest way to get beach waves is by using the twist method. You might be wondering what the twist method is exactly. The twist method works by flat ironing twisted hair.

First, you want to spray your hair lightly with beach spray and a heat protectant spray. Scrunch your hair in your hands first to get it ready. Once the sprays have dried, separate your hair into two sections, like you’re going to style it in pig tails. You’re going to deal with one side at a time. Divide the first side into two smaller sections. Next, twist the smaller sections between your fingers. Then, wrap the two twists around each other and hold the ends tight with your fingers. Don’t let the twists unravel. Set your flat iron on low to medium heat. Hold the flat iron against the twist bit by bit. Finally, unravel the twists gently. Repeat on the other side, and complete the style with a little bit more beach spray and scrunching.

More than a Straightener

As was mentioned, your flat iron is more than just a straightener. You can create amazing waves that last all day using the twist method, or this second method. In a way, the second method has you use your flat iron as an actual curling iron. Instead of twisting sections and using the flat iron like you normally would, the beach waves with a flat iron method treats your hair straightener like a curling iron. There’s a bit of a technique to this, but after a few tries you’ll likely be able to achieve it. First, apply a heat protectant spray.

Begin by parting your hair using its natural part. Section is like that all the way to the back of your neck, similar to the twist method. Bring the two sections over the front of your shoulders. Heat up your flat iron like you normally would. Then, take a small section of hair—probably the normal amount you straighten at a time—and begin to use it like a straightener. At about 1 inch from the roots, twist your wrist so that the flat iron is upside down, and the hair wraps around it like a curling iron. While the hair is wrapped around the iron, pull it down to the ends like you would while straightening. Do this in small sections in all over your head. Finally, run your fingers through it, and you’re done!

Curls that Come Undone

For this technique, you’ll need a couple things. You’ll need a 1 inch curling wand and hair spray. The reason you want a small curling wand is because the smaller the wand allows you to get beach waves when you work with larger sections of hair. So, for this style, you’ll need to begin by separating your hair into left and right sections just like the other two methods. You’ll want to further section your hair when using the curling wand, but the sections should be about two-thirds of an inch. Wrap your hair around the curling wand and hold it there for 10 – 15 seconds. Once time has elapsed, released the curl into your hand, being sure not to pull the curling wand out. Gently release the curl so that it stays mostly intact.

Then, move to the other sections of your hair doing the same thing. Because you’re taking so much hair each time, this method takes a lot less time than doing full on curls. You should end up with about 5 curled sections on each side of your head. To finish this style, use the hairspray liberally but not too much. Let it set for a few seconds, and then use your fingers to separate the curls. That way you are left with big, luscious waves that look as if they took hours when really they only took minutes.

Simple and Chic

Each one of these methods has its benefits, so it’s up to your try them out and find out which works best on your hair. You can be sure that each method can deliver simple, chic beach waves, but you might find that the twist method is more appropriate for your hair type than the curling wand method, or vice versa. The only way you can really know, though, is if you try these three ways to get beach waves for yourself. Know you have to knowhow, so if you don’t have the tools, now is the time to get them!

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