iKonic Precision Styling Tools are manufactured to the highest standards of excellence and are tested for consistency and efficiency. In the rare case events of manufacturing defects, iKonic offers a manufacturer’s limited warranty.


Supernova 5 year Manufacturing Warranty
Persona 5 year Manufacturing Warranty
Petite 1 year Manufacturing Warranty


19mm 3 year Manufacturing Warranty
25mm 3 year Manufacturing Warranty
32mm 3 year Manufacturing Warranty
Clique 3 year Manufacturing Warranty


Ionic Boost Dryer 3 year Manufacturing Warranty


Duet 5 year (Persona), 3 year (25mm Wand) Manufacturing Warranty
Trilogy 5 year (Persona), 3 year (25mm Wand) 1 year (Mini) Manufacturing Warranty
Clique 3 year Manufacturing Warranty
Weekender 1 year Manufacturing Warranty

iKonic manufacturer warranty:
This warranty covers heat element issues, shortage, buttons stuck/notworking

This warranty doesn’t apply to irons showing negligence, tampering, false repair, physical damage, broken ceramic plates, or to parts that are not
faulty(see terms and conditions).

For customers who purchased their iKonic Precision Styling Tools at an Authorized Retailer and are experiencing manufacturing defects please return your iKonic Precision Styling Tools to the place of purchase.

All Products purchased through our Online Store are still covered under manufacturer warranty, Customer will be responsible for a $29.99 shipping and handling fee.

In case of negligence, tampering, false repair, physical damage, broken ceramic plates, we offer a full exchange for
SuperNova – $99.99
Clique -$69.99
Perona – $49.99
Curling Wands – $49.99
Petite- $34.99
Plus $10 Shipping and Handling Fee.